lunedì 5 marzo 2018

At 50 years old

Older, more wrinkles, grayer and blinder.
Child at heart; confident and happy.
More exercise, new muscles and fan of the AllBlacks.
Closer to God but further from his Mystery.
More doubts and uncertainties. More faith
More questions than answers
Less control, more abandoned
Less interested in the material
More fascinated by nature
More selective
Less pointless arguments
Happier with myself
More silence and fruitful solitude
Better friend to my husband, better lover
More relaxed and less anxious
More compassionate, more understanding
A little less angry
Still vain. Still a little hyper
 Less of a leader. Less administrative
 More creative
 Somewhat stronger
Less worried about others’ opinions
Affectionate and smiling
Still spoilt. Too sensitive
Still a lover of cheese and wine
More a cinephile, always curious
Good reader and more studious
Half Peruvian, half New Zealander
Happy with changes
More feminine than ever
Adventurous as always.
Less tears.
More laughs.
Less drama. More realism.
 More astute, less naive.
 More love for humanity.
More heart. Less rational.  
But always ... always loving life!

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